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Emotional Support

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    Stress is a natural feeling of everyday life - we may experience it when we have to wait in a queue, when we are late for an appointment or when we burn the dinner!

Stress Management

It is a well proven fact that carers can experience much higher levels of stress as a result of the pressure of their caring role. If life sometimes gets on top of you and you want to increase your coping skills, we sometimes offer some relaxation training courses. If you just keep your eyes peeled you might see one coming up in the future.


Caring can be stressful so we offer support in a number of ways. Our Counselling Service is facilitated by one of our very own volunteers, offers Carers the chance to work through difficulties in relation to being a Carer and other issues which may hinder their caring role.

Listening Ear

Staff/Volunteers are available if you need someone to talk to who understands and will listen.
  • Out of hours telephone helpline - We also have an out of hours telephone helpline, the hours are below
  • Tuesdays and Thursday 6pm - 9pm
  • Sundays 2pm - 4pm
  • One to one support - We have dedicated workers who offer one to one support to Carers
  • The workers will provide practical information on Carers rights, services available, information on the illness of disability and provide a listening ear to let you talk through issues and problems you may be facing.
  • Drop-in Cafe

    Every Thursday between 10.30am and 1.00pm in the Centre we have a drop – in café. The café is manned by some of our volunteers who will serve you with a welcome cup of tea or coffee and a cheery smile. They will even sit and have a chat with you. This is your opportunity to meet and make friends with other carers in a relaxed, informal environment, catch up with what is going on in the centre or just have a relaxing time away from your caring role. Some carers, having met for the first time in the café, now organise respite for the same time so that they can go on holiday together, others have swapped phone numbers and give each other a call, others organise to meet out with the centre and some just drop in for the wee while to the café to relax and unwind.



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