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Emergency Planning

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    An emergency and future care plan will give you peace of mind by ensuring the person you look after will receive help in an emergency.

What is an Emergency Plan?

The Emergency Plan will detail the immediate care needs of the cared for person, this will include; support needs, daily routine, risks, family and friends contact details.

Carers will be issued with a Carers Emergency Card which will identify them as a carer, should an emergency occur, the Emergency Card will alert services that a plan is in place.

The Emergency Plan will offer carers peace of mind by identifying the cared for person’s needs so that health, social care and other support services can be arranged as necessary.

What is Future Planning?

Future planning is supporting carers to make a plan for the future care arrangements of the person they care for.

This will allow carers to be more prepared and in control having made considered choices should the care no longer be able to fulfil their caring role.

We would be happy to tell you more about it, if you give us a call or email. We can come and see you at home if you can’t come into the Carers Centre. 

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